Written by Lucia Valente, July 2019

One day, one message, one goal

To inspire people all over the world

To do something good, no matter

How big or small, for someone else


World Humanitarian Day 2019

Celebrated every year on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day is directed towards honoring humanitarian efforts worldwide and propagating the idea of supporting people in crisis. On this day, OCHA advocates on behalf of the entire humanitarian community.

World Humanitarian Day 2019 is set to celebrate Women Humanitarians and their undying contribution in making the world a better place. Women Humanitarians hold a sense of unparalleled uniqueness, one that adds to the global momentum of female strength, power and perseverance. It is time to honor the women who have acted as first responders to the darkest hours of crisis.

This year’s campaign on Women Humanitarians supports the recognition that women deserve in the strengthening of global humanitarian response as well as in protection efforts under the international law.

This August 19, rituals of everyday life will be used to showcase the contrast of what our humanitarians encounter on a daily basis. As we would map moments of everyday life against women humanitarians all across the world, these special women’s experiences would seem all the more relatable and real.

We seek your support this World Humanitarian Day in honoring those women who have tirelessly improved countless lives, showcasing incredible strength along the way.

As I read about the 2019 World Humanitarian Day, I came across a wonderful song by Beyonce who sang at the 2012 event,


The song is quite powerful.

“I was here”

“I made a difference”.

“I left this world a little better”

Why else are we here?