Blog – Chris Hadfield – Canadian Astronaut 

By Lucia Valente May 2020 


Science has always interested me.  I like to read about scientific research and discoveries.  It may have begun when I was a little girl in Dublin and the Russians launched Sputnik.  

Sputnik was the very first space ship.  A ship that left Earth’s gravity and went into the space beyond Earth’s gravity.  It was momentous.  

I was probably five years old at the time.  Yes, I still remember the excitement about it.  At that age, a child’s mind sees the world differently.  I was entranced by the idea of Sputnik, even though I did not know what it was!! 

Over the years, I have paid attention to the launch of the shuttles and specifically I am interested in the International Space Station (ISS).   

Having spent most of my life in Canada, I am so proud to see the scientific involvement of Canadians in developing the CanadArm. 


and the Canadian astronauts spending time on the ISS have become well-known names in Canada. 


I have enjoyed reading about several of the Canadian astronauts who spent time in space or on the ISS. They have progressed even beyond space to serve in public capacity in Canada and continue to make important contributions to our wonderful country. 

Chris Hadfield has been of special interest to me.  The main reason is that he invites young people into the scientific arena; he brings science closer to the average person.  In a period when we have worrying anti-science propaganda that is quite destructive for society, Chris Hadfield seems to engage people in the beauty and positive contribution of science education.  For example, when we see Chris on the ISS and he speaks with us as the Earth rotates behind him, it is a little difficult to take seriously the idea that the Earth is flat!! 

Importantly, Chris Hadfield speaks to us about the wonder of life; the wonder of our home – our Earth. I enjoy listening to him as he shares, in a very human and down-to-Earth (so to speak) way, his experience on the ISS.