About CCN

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Who We Are

Computational Class Notes, incorporated in April 2015, is the result of several years of R&D using Wolfram Research Mathematica programming – bringing advanced computational technology to colleges and universities. Using cloud based technology, running on mobile devices, CCN is changing the accessibility of accredited education across the globe.

CCN’s computational technology replaces the traditional static learning environments and propels education delivery into the 21st century. Class notes linked to unlimited practice modules provide a real time dynamic learning environment to students.

Our advanced computational technology provides unlimited customized course content integrated from Professors’ class notes to students' final accreditation. With content running on mobile devices, students access content and use practice modules for any subject, from anywhere, at any time - the un-tethered learner.

Cloud technology, running in real time, accesses the most up-to- date knowledge and research material that integrates easily into CCN’s modules.



CCN creates the most advanced computational technologies providing a plethora of mass customized educational modules to learners anytime, anywhere, any subject, any level – the untethered learner.


We are a leader in the delivery of high quality, technologically advanced education in the 21 st century. We are instigating disruption to remove the barriers of access to learning – geographic, financial, technology, cultural, complexity.

This is the inauguration of what our technology can do. Our technology can make education – for a plethora of subject matters – available to anyone who wants to learn anywhere, anytime.

Our focus is in the areas of STEM and medical sciences because we believe it is science that will transform our world. The provision of such subject matter must be on technological platforms that facilitate ease of use and simplicity while delivering real time complex material using advanced machine learning technology.