War on Science 

March 2020 


We are living in a time that is not dissimilar to the Dark Ages of several centuries ago, where ignorance of basic science is ubiquitous.  From my observation, the war on science and its resultant ignorance is ubiquitous in the US.  

And at this very perilous time of the Covid-19 pandemic, such ignorance costs lives.   

As we watch the Covid-19 pandemic sweep across the world, the latest country to begin to see the impact of the virus is the US.   

Most countries, during the past several weeks, put in place practices that went towards slowing and, hopefully, halting the spread of the pandemic.  It appears that the US is reaping the results of decades of denigration science in the general public arena.   

Pictures of students celebrating March Break on the sunny beaches in the US is only the latest representation of the ubiquitous scientific ignorance in the US.