March 2019

Richard Feynman is perhaps the greatest Physicist of the 20th century. As a theoretical physicist he is best known for his work in quantum mechanics – the theory of quantum electrodynamics. He did break-through work and won the Nobel Prize. Yet, he never lost his humility, which I observe from readings and research into the field of physics, is unusual.

This YouTube video of Richard Feynman shows his humanity and his humility – which can be seen in all of the videos and writing of this amazing man.

What I like about this video is his emphasis that he – and by implication – others who have achieved such ‘greatness’ – are not special. As he mentions in the video ‘There are No Miracle People’ and how encouraging is that for those young people who have big dreams and yet, think that perhaps they are not ‘special’ enough.

In his usual personable and conversational style, Feynman shares with the audience that he is an ordinary person who studied hard. His premise, is that all ‘ordinary people’ who practice, read, study and learn can achieve great accomplishments.

I respond to Richard Feynman because, as I read about him and listen to his talks, I see that our values are aligned – reach out to people – and provide an environment where they can achieve their full potential. There is no ‘miracle’ – as he says ‘there are no miracle people.’

I love that sentiment!