Birmingham Educational Networking Team (BENT)

A CCN Success Story – March 2020


It is wonderful to share a CCN success story.

Imran Gholizadeh, Software Project Manager, who began working with CCN in 2018 started his own customized tutoring company in the US.  Imran works with us on projects specifically in research, using AI and Machine Learning.

Imran graduated from University of Iowa and now lives in Alabama with his fiancé, Amanda who is a periodontics resident at UAB.  Imran experienced the challenges of many students who endeavour to learn complex subjects while receiving low level education and using overpriced and cumbersome text books.  Imran grants his success in graduating from university with excellent grades to his work with CCN.  He mentioned to the team several times that he learned more in a few months with CCN than he did in four years at university!

And that experience gave him the vision and momentum to set up his own business.  Being so well positioned for the future, Imran set out to build an education company with a difference. Imran’s focus is to provide customized, advanced STEM courses with a focus on 3D printing and AI.

Imran mentioned that he never saw himself as a software engineer, specifically working in AI and Machine Learning.  Through his training and work with CCN, he has experienced how complex subjects can be made more accessible to students; how expertise can be developed.  It is with this real-life experience and foundation, that Imran developed his business case for BENT.  Taking into consideration his understanding of the needs of students in the Birmingham area, he designed the course material with support and guidance from the CCN team.