February 2019

One of the Professors with whom we work, shared this video with me.

My response to him “…you would think that CCN paid the presenter to say that…”

It is a disgrace what publishers are doing to students and I am rather surprised that there has not been a revolt by students, but then the power of such corporations is hard to challenge. Also, it is hard to challenge a model that has so much control over education.

I agree with John, the presenter at vlogbrothers, that educators are needed as facilitators in education. Eliminating text books will free up educators to be more creative in their teaching methods. We, at CCN, know this because we stay closely engaged with educators who use our methodology. Their teaching style and approach has changed and several shared with me that their role is more of a facilitator to student learning, which works better for the modern generation of learners.

Join the revolution and support us in our quest to eliminate text books at the college and university level. We can help students to reduce their student debt!!