What our clients say

"I have been teaching an evening course, which operates on a slightly different schedule (only meets twice a week, but for a longer period of time). It has been a learning experience for me to see specifically how the different schedule affects the class. This is an additional course for me on top of my usual teaching load—it has only been possible for me to do this because of CCN!

Grading homework takes a lot of time. Having the students do their homework through CCN frees up time that would otherwise be spent grading homework, while still giving students the opportunity practice what they have seen in class, and to receive immediate feedback on their performance. I like working with CCN, as opposed to another online homework provider, because I value the ability to thoroughly customize the homework problems, and because CCN is not “tied” to a specific textbook."

Professor Dan Roth,

Olympic College



"Having been a part of an initial deployment by Computational Class Notes, my colleagues and I see the power of the technology specifically when deployed on the cloud. We have seen the response from our students through more effective learningmoving through the material more quickly.
Enhanced retention of complex subject matter, reduction in cost to students who no longer needed to buy books or calculators because everything that they needed was in one space (they all have mobile devices, phones, etc. and using the cloud they could access the material). Increased grades, renewed or totally new confidence. Very few students needed to repeat the course.
My colleagues and I identified that we were guiding our students to build a foundation of success
This experience prompted me to look at the amount of material that I have acquired through my teaching and I will now harness the material to provide high quality service and product to students at Olympic College."
Professor Mary Ann Kelso,

Olympic College

"I can now provide to my graduate students the most advanced content that is dynamic and variable.  Using live code, I can present relevant and varied examples to demonstrate specific content.
I can now provide weekly homework, that is graded and linked to the LMS .
The homework provides unlimited practice variations, thus ensuring that students have a firm grasp of the subject matter.  
CCN's technology delivered far more to BU than we thought possible, and already it is tangibly saving (me) time, effort, resources, budgets while providing highly advanced technology to enhance learning."
Professor Madani,

Boston University

For a student that is motivated to perform well in Precalculus, the Online Notes are a great supplement for Professor Kelso's fast paced Precalculus course. I have learned some useful things for the Online Notes, that are not readily present in the required Precalculus textbook.

Olympic College

"I have the opportunity to work with CCN while at Boston college. I am lucky enough to know the people who founded CCN and they asked me to work with them testing modules specifically for Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) in Toronto.
I tested statistics modules for classes of Professor Boza at TRSM. Good to earn some additional money as a student and that is the direct benefit. What I did not expect initially was that my confidence and understanding of the statistics concepts would really benefit me. A surprise when I realized how much I was learning through testing modules – I moved up one whole grade from B+ to A+.
And doing this testing on my iPhone while hanging out with my friends.
The additional benefit is that I was in a position to help my two roommates at college. They were struggling with statistics and with my help they moved from potentially failing the course to getting a good grade."
Amin Gholizadeh,
Economics Student Boston College

I like the interactive graphics, they really help me understand the logic. That and the 'try again' options when I was practicing. I moved my grade up from B+ to A+! I am so happy with that.

I loved being able to jump on my phone and do a practice module or two or three any time of day, anywhere. I totally took advantage of it.

Being able to practice when it suited me without having to have my books with me