The Material -Off the shelf or design your own

What does the Professor supply to CCN?

For those that are feeling creative and want to design their own work, the professor provides 1,2,5 whatever number of examples with correct answers and any supplementary, explanatory material . From this CCN generates Class Notes, Practice Material, Homework, In-Class Quizzes and Exams. We refer to these as modules.  Or, pick from our existing modules.

How does that work?

The answer to that, is both simple and complex. The simple part, is that this is all that is required from the professor.

The complex part is what we do with that data.  By applying the data to our computational framework, we generate unlimited variations in both the questions and answers (of course, only one answer is correct!)


How Modules Differ

Maths 099

Maths 141

Pythagorean Theorem






Functions Definitions




Immediate visiblity of results, provides valuable & timely insight